Dear Buyers,
I need to get rid of all my stuff I guess. I have a $3000.00 dollar use to white sectional from MOR furniture for $700.00. I have a dining table of solid maple that needs to be refinished for $500.00 or whatever. I have a 50inch Plasma and Matching Black stand from Aarons that cost me around $1000.00 that I"ll let go for $500.00...it looks like Enderman. I have a cheap marble top dining table from Shopko for $60. I have a stained computer chair that works perfectly fine for $25.oo. I might sell my brand new bed for $300.oo for the king frame- it's a cloth cushion back. And the king mattress that the foam with a cooling gel- perfect if your going through menopause or hot summer nights. that's $1300 for the bed and mattress and the base that all still is in plastic since I can't return it. My son also has a beautiful hand carved wood bed with a brand new pillow top and base twin which is really high off the ground for $1500. Still in the plastic. I have some Broyhill dressers- a white tall one that's a tad worn for $75.00 and a nightstand for $75.00 - really expensive that I haven't taken care of...they might need new handles. Plus you can do a walk through and just bid on stuff if you want. "my dad won't replace the carpet so I have to move". Last but not least: My car which is an old, white, interior beat up, eighty eight LS with brand new brakes for Kelly blue book of $1000.00. "Garage": I have a green ninja kids motorbike and new battery and charger for $100.00 that I can not get to work. I have an old dryer for $20.00 that still works a little. And I have some Mauve/pink bathroom tiles that a just replaced in the bathroom for @ $20.00 a giant box- need to be cleaned. A golden stand lamp that needs a new light bulb- this is a PERFECT lamp with a dimmer knob for $75.00. A beat up kids table that needs to be recovered my son cut up the chairs and table top (sure he did) for $20.00. Anyway, we live in Oakesdale, Washington....an hour south from Spokane. The house might be for sale too by the time you get here!!!!!!!!!! 1
(509) 285 - 6824
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PostedApril 07, 2017

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