Morel mushrooms
Fresh, taking orders, 25lb. Or 22.50 4 to 9 lb. More the 9 lbs. 20. So get your friends/family together for a better price! 509-722-4721 More
Posted May 20, 2018
USDA Inspected Grass-Fed Texas Longhorn Premium Ground Beef
Hormone, Chemical & Antibiotic-Free! All the best cuts-Steaks and Roasts ground for a burger that will get your grill to gourmet! Clear shrink-wrapped 1 lb pkgs frozen so they maintain the highest quality in your freezer. Next meat ready the 1st week in June. $6.00/lb. We deliver to Spokane.... More
Posted May 13, 2018
Entire sheep herd
28 black face ewes, 1 Suffolk yearling ram. Very good ewes, home raised, all less than 5 yrs old. Almost all had twins this year. More
Posted April 26, 2018
Grass-fed LAMB/Sheep
Heritage grass-fed lamb/Sheep, locally raised and processed. Not fed gmo feeds, no antibiotics or hormones.

$5.75 per pound hanging weight (Price regularly $7.50 per pound)....$1.75 per pound SAVINGS!

Includes butcher fee and assist...
Posted April 24, 2018
Grass-fed/Grass Finished GOAT
$7.75 per pound hanging weight (Price regularly $8.50 per pound).....75 cent per pound SAVINGS!

Includes butcher fee and assist with cutting and wrapping if wanted.

Sale of live animals not available

Must be processed through...
Posted April 24, 2018
Careful With Wood Chippers
A chipper is an equipment used to deal with small branches from shrubbery and leaves. The device pulverizes wood into small shreds which can later be used as mulch. Despite their commendable performance, wood chippers need to be handled with extreme care & caution owing to their light duty... More
Posted April 21, 2018