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BECKLEY, Tamara S. (Age 65) P...
BECKLEY, Tamara S. (Age 65) Passed away July 21, 2017
Pacific Northwest Cremation, Spokane Valley, WA

BENSON, Richard G. (Age 64) Passed away July 22, 2017
Hennessey Valley Funeral Home & Crematory, Spokane Valley, WA

BISHOP, Craig L....
Posted July 25, 2017
Death Notices are published as...
Death Notices are published as a complimentary service of
The Spokesman-Review. Look to the following obituaries or
call the funeral home for further details.
Posted July 24, 2017
ARMSTRONG, Etta Jane (Age 77) ...
ARMSTRONG, Etta Jane (Age 77) Passed away July 20, 2017
Neptune Society, Spokane, WA

BURNS, Bruce E. (Age 58) Passed away July 18, 2017
Pacific Northwest Cremation, Spokane, WA

BRIDGERS, Patricia Ward (Age 97) Passed away July 20, 2017...
Posted July 23, 2017